“We look for exciting opportunities to work with Entrepreneurs and sector experts and have invested over €100m with a typical exit between 3-5 years. We invest across Europe, Asia and the Far East.” Lord Matteo Pinciroli, Chairman

Lord Matteo Pinciroli


Matteo worked in the world of tanneries from 2003 to 2009 and in that year, he opened his first chemical and tanning business in England. He reinvested this success in a number of acquisitions of companies in Italy, Poland and, also England. Matteo now has a chemical tanning group as well as an investment fund, K Capital investment Ltd. His business interests in Italy are a series of companies producing and trading chemicals and textiles, as well as investments in the Food Industry.  K Capital Investment Ltd has assets of €170 million, producing a net profit of 8% and employs 340 members of staff worldwide.

Our Investments and Brands